Dental Implants

Providing beautiful natural Smiles.

Have you lost a tooth and have a hole in your smile? Do you currently have full or partial dentures that are uncomfortable? Dental implants are a viable consideration for either of these issues. They are a durable and permanent solution to give you back a confident and healthy smile.

Dental implants have become a successful replacement option for missing teeth that does not involve the adjacent teeth. They serve as replacements for the roots of the missing natural teeth with small titanium posts. Since titanium has biocompatible properties, implants can fuse with the surrounding bone to become solid. These then become excellent anchors for the crowns, bridges, or dentures that can be attached on top. These are some of the common clinical situations where implants are used include:

      • Single tooth replacement
      • Multiple tooth replacement
      • Stabilization for dentures and bridges

Our Dental Implants and Denture Services:

  • Dental implants
  • Metal free dentures
  • Flexible partial dentures
  • Tooth replacement
  • Ridge modification